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This section gives details about books authored by me and videos featuring me

Chess without a Queen

A political thriller, set in the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh talking about contemporary life.

The Secrets of Manhood

A 2 series book, this is a collection of short articles which focus on highlighting the various issues and problems that are faced by men over centuries and decades.

My Videos

Some videos expressing the views of Virag

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About Me

Writer, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder Mesmerizers Studios

Virag is an independent short filmmaker, writer and entrepreneur
Virag R Dhulia is an author, independent short filmmaker and a social entrepreneur. He runs a YouTube channel – Chai Pakoda wherein short films written and directed by him are featured. These short films are mostly comedy videos based on varied topics from everyday life. His debut novel titled “Chess without a Queen” is available online and in stores. He has also authored a book titled, ‘The Secrets of Manhood’, available on Amazon. For more details visit It’s Me, Virag!





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