Gynocentrism in Men’s Rights Movement – Blessing in Disguise or Unwarranted Hurdle?

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Sensationalism always works as it tends to garner a lot of curiosity and eyeballs, which in turn allow a message to propagate far and wide.

In a world otherwise grappled with the thoughts of male-chauvinism and privileges of being a male, a movement that talked about the issues faced by men and the need for their rights was sensational in itself.

This sensationalism took the men’s rights movement in India to a much elevated platform wherein, within a very short span of time, the men’s rights activists were able to sensitize the Indian parliament about some of the issues that face men and get them thinking about those issues.

At the same time, a parallel development was taking place. Many women, who were at the receiving end of feminism and Gynocentrism in the society, resorted to men’s rights movement. They took up the cause and started talking about men and their issues.

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Politics, JNU, nationalism and male hatred

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The recent spate of incidents at JNU has rocked the nation and we see opinions of all varieties and stocks flying in the air. While, the students were either stupid or wanted attention as they severely failed in putting across their point – whatever it may be, even the nationalists failed at multiple points in putting their message across.

The message that came out from JNU was sure to anger many people around given the nature of Indo-Pak politics and the history that we have about the 2001 parliament attack. While I personally do not get goosebumps on everything that’s patriotic or carry a feeling that we are the best nation of the world and so on, but suffice it to say here that it is important to love your country for the following reason.

Human existence is an existence of co-existence. Everything boils down to team-work. As the famous Hindi adage goes – “Akela Chana Jhaad nahi Fod Sakta (No one can do everything alone)”; the same logic applies to societies whether family, locality, township, city, region, state or country. If we wish to grow as a country we must love it, for if we cannot love our own country, how will others?

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Top 10 sexist languages that are anti-male in nature

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Often we have heard about sexism in media and all of the sexism that we hear in media is one-sided; sexist language affecting women adversely. Till date we haven’t heard of sexist language that affects men adversely.

So, does that mean that we don’t have anti-male sexist language? And the answer to the question is both a Yes and a No.

Yes, because we do have many such instances wherein sexist anti-male language has been uttered, propagated and accepted socially as well.

No, because mainstream media and society does not consider such language to be sexist. So, what is missing is the recognition of such anti-male language and the content as “being sexist”.

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