The different shades in Chess Without a Queen

“Chess without a Queen” – #political #thriller based in #UttarPradesh talks about a lot various aspects. Grab your copy from now Indian Edition: International Edition

My interview at Poet Prabhu’s website

Recently, an interview of mine appeared on Prabhu Prasad’s website, which covered various aspects of my writing, like I how I started writing, my current works published, upcoming projects, and my views on relationships, tips for upcoming writers, details about my latest book, advice to the younger generation.


Donald Trump clean bowls the media with his ‘Fake News Awards’

The key takeaways for the media and for us in light of the “Fake News Awards” announced by Donald Trump.

US President Donald Trump announced his own “Fake News Awards” and in the process exposed a lot of faux-pas by many reputed media houses. Needless to say, the media has not taken it lightly and are calling it as attack on the “Freedom of the Press” except for the fact that Trump has evidence of lies published by media whereas the media has no way to prove Trump wrong.


The Blurring Boundaries Between Politics And Governance

Politics and governance are two totally different aspects but are often mixed up, for the sake of the convenience of those at the helm of affairs. It is not uncommon to see political decisions being passed with a tag of ‘governance’ and the blame for inadequate governance being shifted to tardy politics.


I was just doing my job!

Cohesiveness and collaborative behavior was always part of the Indianness. The divisions in India have been brought from outside.

Consider this statement – “I was just doing my job”. This is primarily a western construct. And it may sound very sincere, honest and truthful but in reality, it is very dangerous. It is a convenient way to escape larger responsibility and when you see a larger gory picture of which you are a small part, you just sneak out saying, “I was just doing my job”.


Review of Book: Blameless Continuous Integration

Blameless Continuous Integration by Vivek Ganesan My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is a must read book for all those who are in the software industry and following the Agile methodology. Continuous Integration is what many companies are resorting to as the complexity of software increases. This book explains the concept of “Blameless Continuous Read more about Review of Book: Blameless Continuous Integration[…]

Travelogue: Day 2 – Trip to Kanyakumari

Read Day 1 Travelogue here

The stark difference between perception and reality comes from our understanding of “The Sunrise” and “The Sunset”. We normally believe it as the Sun rising and the Sun setting from common parlance. That’s perception, but we also know the reality that is, neither the Sun rises nor it sets. It’s us, The Earth that rotates on its axis which creates the optical illusion of the rising and the setting sun. But today, we wanted to witness the illusion and live by the perception. Given our sizes in comparison to the Earth and the Sun, we could have only lived with the illusion. But, there was a grave challenge.


Travelogue: Day 1 – Trip to Kanyakumari

The last minute glitch that adds a zing to your travel schedule is almost unavoidable. For us, it was the umbrella. Having planned about packing it, much in advance, we forgot to take the requisite number of umbrellas just at the last moment and then we decided to go without them.And we were on our way to the Bangalore railway station to catch the Nagercoil Express from Bangalore to Nagercoil, a small town about 15 Kms before Kanyakumari as we approach the Southern tip of India.


National Consultation on Pre-Nuptials in India – An introductory note

Today, 18th August 2017, I was at the National Commission for Women, attending the “National Consultation on Pre-Nuptials in India”. Below are the thoughts that I presented there.


My name is Virag Dhulia, I am from Bangalore and I have been engaged in creating awareness about the problems of the male world in the society for the past 10 years. During this period, I have spoken to tens and thousands of men who have been through extreme harassment, torture and crisis in life and helped them cope up with the situation. During my endeavor to help men, I have gathered enormous amount of data which has highlighted various anomalies in the system and the society alike wherein men are put at a disadvantageous situation, what with ours being called patriarchal society.


Jignesh & Jahnavi Episode 11: The Relation Strengthens

Based on true incidents.

Jignesh knew this was the right time to talk to Jahnavi about Sid, a burden he had been carrying with him for the past few days. Both of them were enjoying each other’s company very much. Jahnavi was beaming with joy. Jignesh knew picking up the topic of Sid might irk her, but it was a burden he was carrying and wanted to lighten this. But now he is in a fix, how to start the conversation and starts looking wary. Jahnavi is quick to spot this. She places her hand on his hand. Jignesh freezes.