National Consultation on Pre-Nuptials in India – An introductory note

Today, 18th August 2017, I was at the National Commission for Women, attending the “National Consultation on Pre-Nuptials in India”. Below are the thoughts that I presented there.


My name is Virag Dhulia, I am from Bangalore and I have been engaged in creating awareness about the problems of the male world in the society for the past 10 years. During this period, I have spoken to tens and thousands of men who have been through extreme harassment, torture and crisis in life and helped them cope up with the situation. During my endeavor to help men, I have gathered enormous amount of data which has highlighted various anomalies in the system and the society alike wherein men are put at a disadvantageous situation, what with ours being called patriarchal society.


Report on Rationalizing Bail Proceedings

Recently, the Govt. had taken note of the fact that the judiciary has a lot of discretionary power in bail proceedings and there’s been unfair use of the same. To protect the rights of innocent litigants an enshrined in the Indian Constitution for a fair and free trial, the Govt. thus came up with a Read more about Report on Rationalizing Bail Proceedings[…]

Report on Rationalisation of Alimony Laws

Virag has been a part of the team that authored the report on rationalization of alimony and maintenance laws. Judiciary uses the maintenance provisions very shrewdly against men in a matrimonial dispute and uses all it’s discretion to ensure financial bleeding of a man entrapped in a bad marriage heading towards divorce. Following were the Read more about Report on Rationalisation of Alimony Laws[…]

Report on misuse of Section 498A (Dowry Law)

Karnataka Law Commission, headed by Late. Dr. Justice V S Malimath, was benevolent enough to give “Save Indian Family Foundation” an opportunity to write a detailed research report on Section 498A, it’s misuse and possible steps to stop it, and the changes needed in Section 498A. Virag was one of the authors of the report. Read more about Report on misuse of Section 498A (Dowry Law)[…]