Jignesh & Jahnavi Episode 7: The Separation

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Based on true incidents.

Jignesh finished the studies and went home and the first thing he did was to put the cell phone on charging. His dead cell was regaining life and then pops a message. It was from Vodafone. You have 25 missed calls between 8:30 pm and 10:00 pm. Send GET as reply to the message to get the details. Jignesh was pleasantly surprised. He hurriedly replied GET to know the call details.

He got a reply back and jumped to his feet knowing that Jahnavi had been frantically trying to contact him. He was feeling ecstatic, and at the same time grew wary of the situation for he was not sure as to why Jahnavi was trying to contact him. May be she was angry with him and as usual Jignesh was confused, but he knew he should not contact Sid this time as now the situation had to be handled as per Jignesh’s and Jahnavi’s understanding. He went to sleep and thought to take up the issue next morning in college.

Jahnavi, on the other hand, had set the Vodafone office on fire in her dreams. Exasperated, with her frantic efforts of trying to reach his cell, she went to sleep but sleep eluded her and then she realized that today she is disturbed as she wants to talk to him, and can talk to him, but is not able to because of technical and logistical constraints, how would it have been for Jignesh who might be so disturbed with the turnout of the day’s events and equally suffocating must have been those nights when he wanted to emote his feelings to her but could not due to some stupid limitations. She did not realize when she fell asleep thinking about her Jiggu.

When they reached college, the following morning, the same thoughts were making rounds in the minds of both. Jignesh was in a fix, whether he should go and talk to her and Jahnavi did not get a chance to speak to him. She spotted Jignesh during the lunch break, and walked straight towards him without wasting a second. But Lady Luck was smarter today. Just when she was about to reach him, a classmate took Jignesh along towards the principal’s cabin. Jahnavi cursed her like hell. She could no longer take the fate since morning, all she wanted was five minutes with Jignesh and she was not getting it.

The day ended and now she was looking for Jignesh, but he was nowhere to be found. She spotted Sid and asked him.

Jahnavi: “Hi Sid.”

Sid was not sure how to face her as he knew Jahnavi was aware now and he still did not know whether Jignesh and Jahnavi had talked or not. Somehow he managed himself and tried to act normal, as if he was not aware of yesterday’s development.

Sid: “Hey Jahnavi, what’s up? How was the day?”

Jahnavi: “Hey I am OK. Day was normal. Yet another day. By the way did you happen to spot Jignesh, I looked around for him, he is not to be seen anywhere.”

Sid: “Oh is it? Let me call him up.”

Jahnavi was so intrigued in looking for Jignesh around the college; she completely missed out calling him up. But it worked fine in a way for Jahnavi as now Sid’s call will be definitely answered; also Sid had noticed her eagerness to talk to Jignesh. This made Sid happy. Jignesh picks up the call.

Sid: “Where are you?”

Jignesh: “I am home, have to leave for Delhi, my paper on ‘Genetics: The unique presence of Mathematics in Biology’ has been selected for presentation at the “National Seminar of Combination Sciences. The principal told me in the lunch break, so I came home, will be leaving in half an hour. If you see Jahnavi, just inform her as I will not be in a position to speak to her, you know.”

Sid: “OK, bye. But when will you be back?”

Jignesh: “3 days.”

They hung up. Sid apprised Jahnavi of the situation. She was shocked beyond limits. Jignesh did not even consider it necessary to tell her about the paper, his supposed journey and then today’s sudden travel. She was hurt very badly. She had not expected this.

Jahnavi: “Don’t you think he should have at least told me that he was supposed to travel. I just don’t understand why do you guys take everything for granted? So what he had taken your help in understanding a girl’s behavior and how to talk to a girl. He could have at least tried to talk to me after that. Like a fool I have been frantically trying to contact him since yesterday evening. Today also I did not get a chance to speak to him and now I come to know that HE has told you to INFORM me. FINE THEN, YOU also inform him that he is going to have a tough time when he comes back in cajoling me. And this time if he takes your help, he be better prepared for a tougher fight. God only knows why you morons carry useless brains with you when have to waste them just like your life.”

She left the place fuming. She was feeling bad for having blurted out so badly to Sid, but she too was human and had her own limitations. Sometimes enough actually meant ENOUGH to her. Sid, on the other hand, was in a fix now. Jahnavi knows it that Sid is now aware of yesterday’s happenings. He thought he should inform Jignesh about Jahnavi’s reaction, but he better keep mum till Jignesh presented his paper. But then he also thought, it will not be fair on Jahnavi’s part to keep her waiting till 4 days. Already she has tolerated a lot of nonsense from Jignesh. So he texts Jignesh asking him to drop a message to Jahnavi as she had been looking around.

Beep goes Jahnavi’ cell. She sees a message from Jignesh. It read:

Hey Jahnavi, I am so sorry I did not get a minute to inform you. Please grant me a couple of days, will take all your queries then. I hope you understand. Bye, Jignesh!

Jahnavi knew Sid must have asked him to text, but she was happy receiving the message. She was waiting for his return eagerly.

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