Report on Rationalisation of Alimony Laws

Virag has been a part of the team that authored the report on rationalization of alimony and maintenance laws. Judiciary uses the maintenance provisions very shrewdly against men in a matrimonial dispute and uses all it’s discretion to ensure financial bleeding of a man entrapped in a bad marriage heading towards divorce.

Following were the recommendations given,

Following changes have to be made in the alimony laws
1. All the sections of Alimony have to be abolished with only CRPC 125 kept for overhauling.
2. CrPC 125 to be amended to include the daughter as well to seek maintenance from.
3. Tax Payers to be excluded from Seeking Alimony.
4. Principle that Alimony / Maintenance to be given only on real demonstrated need not on an emotional presumption to be enunciated.

Report on Rationalization of Alimony Laws

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