Report on Rationalizing Bail Proceedings

Recently, the Govt. had taken note of the fact that the judiciary has a lot of discretionary power in bail proceedings and there’s been unfair use of the same. To protect the rights of innocent litigants an enshrined in the Indian Constitution for a fair and free trial, the Govt. thus came up with a proposal to pass a bill that will set the guidelines for granting bail.

Sensing opportunity to be heard, Confidare, sent their recommendations to the Home Ministry and Law Ministry for rationalizing the bail process and to prevent usage of the same as an extortionary mechanism to settle cases. The report also talks about a 1 lac crore bail scam going on in India since the past 10 years!

Virag was a part of the team that authored the report. The report can be downloaded below

Current Bail Practices and Changes Needed

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