I was just doing my job!

Cohesiveness and collaborative behavior was always part of the Indianness. The divisions in India have been brought from outside.

Consider this statement – “I was just doing my job”. This is primarily a western construct. And it may sound very sincere, honest and truthful but in reality, it is very dangerous. It is a convenient way to escape larger responsibility and when you see a larger gory picture of which you are a small part, you just sneak out saying, “I was just doing my job”.

Its also an easy way out when you see that you are part of something which is causing injustice to others. Instead of raising voice against it, you just escape saying, “I was just doing my job”.

One more such construct is, “Mind your own business”. This is also coming from the West. Of course, over a period of time, since we are so mesmerized with the West, we had our own equivalent for it – अपने काम से काम रखो|

Both these constructs reek of slavery mentality and obsessive dictatorship. The Western philosophy is to make the larger population a target of slave mentality. That’s why the convent education, the MNC culture – everything is built around that school of thought.

Instructions come from a slender, closed and small group at top and everybody else just has to follow them, so since childhood, via the education system, they are taught – “I was just doing my job” and “Mind your own business”.

It is marketed, capsuled in individualism, but it is like a drugged vaccine – the effects of which we can see now. Everyone’s part of the larger injustice but most people have a convenient excuse – “I was just doing my job” and if confronted, shut them up saying – “Mind your own business”

Now, the question is, why would large number of people – in billions – fall for this macabre ploy? Because, it gives you small and tempting perks. It makes you a slave, but also gives you access to materialistic lifestyle – hard to resist and when everyone else is falling for it, it’s tough to remain isolated from it.

But it is important to understand what it is. If you see injustice, do not sneak out saying – I was just doing my job. Don’t just do the job, do the right!

Happy Deepawali!

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