#RealTalk – Is Being a Man Easy: Interviewing India speaks

Thank you Interviewing India for bringing up this important topic for discussion in their #RealTalk series. It was a really good experience today expressing my views on the challenges (emotional, social, personal, legal) and the stereotypes that men go through in the society on a daily basis on account of the fact that they are men.

Equally good was the experience to listen to the fellow panelists and the audience views about how “notions of masculinity” are reinforced in men taking away their choices and somehow men are made to blame for not following these artificially laid down barometers of masculinity.

Though we have a long way to go before the gaps are addressed at an institutional level, initiatives like today are an important addition to the process of achieving the true acceptance of men’s problems, issues and redressing them as a social issue and not like the problem of an individual.

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