Book Review: A Friend like Karna

Book Name: A Friend Like Karna

Author: Madhav Thapar

Length: 182 Pages

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Alert: The review has spoilers!

“A Friend Like Karna” is a thriller drama by Madhav Thapar. Thapar, who’s a logistical professional and has forayed into writing with his debut novel. The story is loosely based on Mahabharata, but don’t worry, the timeline of the story is very contemporary and the backdrop as modern as you could think.

It’s the story of corporate wars mired with interlaced elements of mafia, Mumbai underworld, the most wanted fugitive of India who’s been granted political asylum by India’s arch political rival, modern day life, industrial espionage and politics along with sprinkles of love and the human imperfections which define our society.

What’s there to read in this book?

  1. Fast paced story
  2. Accurate depiction to help the readers form an imagery of the events.
  3. Acute narration of the emotional states of the characters and astute description of how they look.
  4. Lots of twists and turns to keep you engaged.
  5. Elements of the thousand year old epic Mahabharata appearing in glimpses in modern day life and thus emphasizing the significance of the most illustrative work in literature and it’s relevance today.
  6. A lesson to learn that all’s not fair in the real world and the Karma does come back to bite, but not always the right person.
  7. Immaculate characterization which makes us wonder about the grip that the author has on human psychology.
  8. An apt view of the “Behind-The-Scenes” melodrama that unfolds in the super rich and super powerful circles.
  9. The amount of influence that powerful business tycoons have on a country, especially like India.
  10. The sudden changes that a reader encompasses reminding us of the fact that life is unpredictable.

What’s bad in the book?

It finished too soon, I wish I could read it more.

And lastly, if I had the necessary resources and infrastructure I would have surely made a film out of the book. I hope someday someone makes.

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