Book Review: Anuurag

अनुराग Anuuragअनुराग Anuurag by Jyoti Tiwari
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The one book that has made me cry is, Anuurag. Anuurag, the story of Anurag, narrated by his sister, in his person recounts his life right from his birth till he breathed his last. Meeting his fate at an unexpected young age of 32, Anurag had no idea what his death meant to those lacs and lacs of suffering men whose voices go unheard and whose stories are buried in the mud every second. The Author, Jyoti Tiwari, who’s been a prominent proponent of Men’s Well Being and has worked for the cause from grassroot levels writes this book the to introduce Anurag to the world, how he felt, how he loved, how he cared and how he suffered in the name of love of an unfaithful woman, effortlessly takes us through his life and also gives strong indications about how society silences men who are suffering and even criminalises them for no fault of theirs. If one reads this book, it becomes evident that many mishaps could have been avoided, had Anurag felt the liberty to express his pain and feelings freely, but, as a society, we love to strifle the voices of men and call them unmanly if they are emotional. Anurag paid the price for being a man, but Jyoti has pitched in with her efforts to make sure more Anurags do not suffer. Waiting for more from her

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