Book Review: Quest For Paradise

Book Name: Quest For Paradise

Author: Shuchi Prasad

Length: 108 Pages

Genre: Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Shuchi is a literature student as well as an engineering graduate. She currently works as a business systems analyst at Cisco systems in Bangalore. She hopes one day to embrace the pinnacle of self-evolution in the literary realm. When Shuchi isn’t writing or working her day job, she edits literary pieces.

Ishana, an aspiring tattoo artist, has to cope with all the people around her to gain what she truly desires. Quest for Paradise is a story about love and struggling to vanquish everything in its way, whether it’s people, social stigmas, or an unprecedented catastrophe.

“Quest for Paradise” is a romance fiction and revolves around the life of Ishana Awasthi, a tattoo artist, and how her life turns around when she meets Vaishakh Arora, an investment banker. Vaishakh, who himself is going through a rough patch in life, and despite that, keeps smiling, becomes an automatic anchor in her life which was in itself no less challenging and one wrought with identity crisis. Facing struggles at home and work alike, Ishana must make a final call about her future.

The backdrop of the story is Mumbai and as one reads, one gets a glimpse of contemporary life of Mumbai, the local train journey, the famous Coffee House of Mumbai, the Mumbai taxiwallahs, and what not. The author has described the locations, the outfits and the emotions of the characters with a lot of detail helping the readers form an imagery and visualize the situations as one reads the book.

Apart from telling Ishana’s story, some of the pertinent questions raised are,

  1. Where do we draw the line of balance between material life and love?
  2. Is it fair for parents to imprint their notions of life on their kids in this fast changing world?
  3. How to draw a line between personal and professional boundaries?
  4. How fair it is to trade personal and professional favors?
  5. In times of astute dilemma, should we listen to our gut or to the logical analysis the brain comes up with?

The book also highlights how life is unpredictable and how an unexpected behavior from a total stranger can turn around an otherwise gloomy day and how plans of life are awash by the wrath of nature’s fury because nature doesn’t come with a missed call or an SMS warning about the impending doom.

I would recommend this book for reading and I would have given it a 5 star rating except for one fact that at times I felt the story moved forward tad bit fast and though unexpected twists and turns are always welcome for an engaging reading but I somehow felt there could have been a more subtle approach opted for.

However, full marks to the author for a very realistic ending and my best wishes to her for her future works. In case anyone wants to read the book, here’s the link.

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