Writer has thorough knowledge of politics – Consistent review of my book

My debut novel, a political thriller based on Uttar Pradesh has been receiving consistent reviews that the author has thorough knowledge of politics, especially Indian politics. Below are the some of the excerpts of such reviews.

    1. Review by Rakhi Jayashankar: The subplot of the slum dwellers in Daliganj and the blood thirsty media has added more spices to an already spicy plot. Author has got a very thorough knowledge about Indian politics and it’s internal discords. Like the title suggests, each+ character is a part of the chess and plot is the chess master. The characters are crafted quite well and in sink with the plot. Link to the review
    2. Review by Salismania: It is one of the best books based on Indian Politics. Even if you don’t love politics this book will make you run the mile. Every chapter changes the entire the landscape of the book and it makes it even more unpredictable. Link to the review
    3. Review by Subhajit Das: The brain work of politicians and masterminds, and the strategically taken steps, the tight gripping thrill, the way of revealing the twists and intertwining them with unexpected turns, the power of position and influence, the power of money, the need for power (read the “Queen” here), and most importantly how all of the incidents are connected to the end tactfully have been shown here clearly. Link to the review
    4. Review by Madhav Thapar: An absorbing read . The author has an in depth knowledge of political strategies and machinations and uses this to create a tale of intrigue that keeps the reader gripped! Link to the review
    5. Review by Sapna Shivani Kekre: A very interesting book on politics, based in UP a state of India. Never thought Ever would like to read about politics but this book is so difficult to leave once you start it. Many twists n turns keep you hooked. The writer seems to have a lot of knowledge in politics. Link to the review

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