KGF Review: If It is Gold It will Glitter

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Film: Kolar Gold Fields

Language: Kannada, Telugu (Dubbed), Hindi (Dubbed), Tamil (Dubbed), Malayalam (Dubbed)

Year: 2018

Director/Writer: Prashanth Neel

Producer: Vijay Kirgandur

Cast: Yash, Srinidhi Shetty (introducing), Achyuta Kumar

Review: If it’s gold, it will glitter

Rating: 4.5/5

Kolar Gold Fields, better known by its acronym “KGF” is an Indian cinema made originally in the Kannada language but given its broad topic and scalable potential, it was dubbed into Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam as well. The film, produced by Vijay Kirgandur, has been written and directed by Prashanth Neel, who had earlier made Uggram in 2014 and stars Yash along with Srinidhi Shetty (introducing) and Achyuta Kumar among others.

The film is based on the famous Kold Gold Fields in Karnataka about 65 Kms from Bangalore city. Gold Mining was stopped there in 2001.

The trailer of KGF was met with great enthusiasm with the trailer giving us a glimpse of the vast scale of production, the stellar performance by Yash, punch dialogues and breathtaking production design arousing a lot of interest for the movie and the film opened with frenzied booking since Monday itself.

Not only Yash fans, but due to its multilingual presentation, people all over India had huge expectations from the movie and last evening’s controversial news about court putting a stay on KGF, though dampened spirits of enthused fans for a while but Team KGF made sure not to disappoint the millions of waiting audience all over the world wanting to get a slice of their entertainment from this movie which appeared nothing short of being a blockbuster magnum opus.

So, the question is – Did the movie live up to its expectations? Is it really as good as the trailer promises? And now, without wasting any more of your breath or time, I would proceed to give the answer, having watched the dubbed Hindi version of the movie. And the answer is No. The movie does not live up to its expectations. It is not as good as the trailer promises. The movie, rather, surpasses those expectations. The movie is better than what the trailer promised.

KGF will not only take you to the time period of the 70s in terms of the story, but also in terms of cinema. The 70s marked a significant transformation in cinema, especially the Hindi cinema. It was not an uncommon sight for the protagonist to be thrown to the dogs on the street and the kicks and blows of the streets maketh the man the Hero of the film churns out to be. Visuals like the child hero working as a cobbler or in a restaurant were common and accepted form of entertainment. Of course, over a period of time, cinema underwent many transformations and the protagonist started coming up in various colors.

However, KGF takes us back to that entertaining period of the 70s with a child Yash working as a cobbler with desire burning inside him like an annihilating rage to carve the path for the destination bestowed upon him by his mother on her death bed. The reminiscence is refreshing.

The story is very simple and that’s what makes this piece of art a cinematic beauty. Set out to fulfil the last wish of his mother to become the most powerful and rich person of the country, Raja sets out on unchartered territory when fate takes him back to his roots to accomplish a task no one else can even dream of accomplishing and the film marks his entry into the mission and his journey to accomplish the mission and that whether he is able to do so or not.

Performance wise, this cinema is going to place Yash on the global platform. He has given the stellar performance of a cold hearted man with burning desire to grab power, and someone with immense physical, mental, emotional and intellectual strength (the ideal definition of a Hero as we desire) who is just destined to win over the hearts of the oppressed and vanquish the tormentors. And it’s Yash, who dominates throughout the film. One may argue that the heroism feels over-jingoistic but given the huge gap after which we are witnessing such commercial masala film with pure entertainment, that in fact, the nostalgia is welcome.

The screenplay is very well crafted and full marks to the writer Prashanth Neel for the same. Prashanth has also directed the film and as a director, he has managed to successfully transcribe his writing on the celluloid. The visual treat is too good to miss. Additionally, he has managed to extract performance from each and every actor.

We must not forget Vijay Kirgandur, the man who stuck his neck out by producing the movie and for showing confidence in both Yash and Neel. The grand production design of the film in showing the gory and grotesque details of slavery laced mining in the KGF in the 70s is testimony to this fact.

The entire second half is about Yash’s stint at the mine where he is undercover to complete his mission but as he is faced with a humongous task of decimating the never ending task force of his nemesis and the additional responsibility of preventing collateral damage of the innocent villagers who are castigated into slavery is what defines the fact that this cinema is deserving on all fronts to be called a Magnum Opus.

Dialogues of the film are extremely punching and impactful. Coupled with the charismatic background score, the audio-visual magic of the dialogues in the cinema takes entertainment to goosebumps levels. Dialogues like “Nahi re, tere baap ki hai, aur tera baap main hun”, are already winning people’s hearts all over. Quirky dialogues are the perfect addition to the well craft screenplay of the film to make it perfect entertainer script.

On the emotional scale also the film scores well. The condition of the slaves in the gold mines strikes a nerve when you see their plight and the torture they undergo working under duress conditions. Emotional scenes like his love for his mother and how it continues to guide the hero throughout life are very touching.

The cinematography and sound of the film are at par with the quality of other departments. However, there are few minor glitches in editing but since the film has entertained us so much, we let it slide by.


And that’s the reason I give 4.5 stars to this blockbuster magnum opus mass entertainer by Yash and Prashanth. 

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