Movie Review (2PointO): VFX can enhance a movie not run it!

2.0 Review

Movie Name: 2.0

Release Year: 2018

Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror/Thriller/Drama

Director: Shankar

Actors: Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson

Rating: 1 Star

Review: VFX can enhance a movie, not run it

2PointO is the sequel to the 2010 Tamil Film – Robot. It is from the same team with a slightly different star-cast. It is dubbed in Telugu and Hindi as well and is available in both 2D and 3D. It is written and directed by Shankar and stars Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson in lead roles along with Adil Hussain and Sudhanshu Pandey.

Admittedly, the film has been made at a whopping budget of 530 CR which makes it the costliest Indian Film surpassing Bahubali. With Bahubali setting the benchmark, many filmmakers now want to cross the same, but it must be remembered that though Bahubali had grand visuals and VFX, it also a strong storyline and deep characterization. And I am comparing it with Bahubali because the makers of the film started it, in order to gain traction.

Anyways, coming back to 2PointO, I would let out my verdict sooner rather than later. In simple words – do not waste your money in going to see the movie. The story is lackluster, the screenplay drags and direction is pathetic. The characters’ motivation is also not laid out properly and just heavy language is used to make the film “look” authentic but in reality it’s very lame.

From the first half, the film drags and takes about 40 minutes just to establish the so-called villain who has an acrimonious relationship with cellular phones. And once, that fact has been established, the film just goes on and on with over-the-top visuals. These visuals have no imagination and do not stand a while without the special effects.

Filmmakers needs to understand that visual effects were a treat when they were newly introduced because that’s when a vast majority of the audience didn’t understand the means to the end. But nowadays, there are so many YouTube videos and tutorials available that it is almost easy to dictate the visuals and are no longer fancy.

So, if your film does not wrest on a good writing base, mere VFX wouldn’t take you too far. And even then, when you just want to rely on the VFX, make them good. In many scenes the proportion of objects on the screen is out of sync. One building looks gigantic compared to others. And, the action scenes are also poorly executed. In one scene, the name plates are totally blurred and indiscernible and that’s the introduction scene of the characters!

It was actually a shock in the second half when we come to know that the objective of the villain was achieved in the first half itself and 40 minutes before the climax, the villain is killed and revived. That revival is totally uncalled for and unnecessarily increases the length of the film. Which means a 110 minutes film was stretched to 146 minutes.

Other than that, the film has so many technical flaws. And I know, we are all humans and to human is err, but when we are boasting of 530 Cr and the costliest Indian film, it is expected we do basic research. Like, Kolkata’s Victoria Memorial is passed off as the Tamil Nadu Assembly and in the Assembly, the CM is absent, the Home Minister has all powers including the one to defy and challenge court’s order. And the most significant error was that for a state level decision that must be taken in Assembly, they want to invoke the Rajya Sabha, which is the Upper House of the Parliament in the Center. At least, we assume the makers know basic civics.

Yes, it is indeed entertaining to have Special Effects in a film which cater to our need to see fantasy on the celluloid but it is also important to remember that while “VFX can enhance a film, it cannot run the film”. In this film, if we take out the special effects, it’s nothing but just an ordinary horror film. Yes, you read it correctly, it’s a horror film where the villain is already dead. Even the logic given for his dead form’s extraordinary power if scientifically wrong and flawed. I cannot speak for the Tamil dialogues but the Hindi dialogues are worse than what we see in college skits.

And please don’t tell me that AR Rehman is the music director of the film because the songs do not stand out at all.

Akshay Kumar’s character is very weakly defined and the reason for him being an ornithologist (bird scientist) is not at all convincing. The director has tried to amalgamate far too many concepts in the movie (“stillborn” being one of them) resulting in a film that does not do just treatment with any of the concepts.

The only thing good about the movie is the message as to how birds are harmed by cell phone towers and it’s leading to an ecological misbalance but I am afraid that with the poor execution. boring screenplay and the needless visuals, this message will be lost or not delivered at all.

We do not expect this kind of bad writing from the man who gave us Indian, Anniyan and other such gems. All in all, a big disappointment for me, and that too when I did not see it with great expectations. I would have been happy if the movie would have just allowed me to sit through it, but even that was a challenge and I was fighting my sleep.

It’s time we understand the importance and dire need of good writing to make meaningful entertaining cinema.

My rating to the movie – 1 star.

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