Short Kannada Movie Review (Kaggantu): Hear it to feel it

Title: Kaggantu (Code to Decode)

Available on: YouTube

Language: Kannada (With Subtitles)

Genre: Thriller

Length: 14 mins

Rating: 4.5 star

The word “Kaggantu” would literally mean “Hidden Secrets”. So, is the title of the short film aligned with its content? I would say, yes because almost till the end you do not get to know the real crux of the story. So, the writer and the director, Dwani Karthik has succeeded in that aspect.

As it is a short film, one does not have much cinematic liberty to go into the character backgrounds of the main characters, but the starting scene well defines the protagonist, his psyche and sensibilities. And that has been done without dialogues, so that credit goes to the screenplay and the actor who pulled it off with finesse. Especially the scene where the hero sits on the trunk of his car and smokes was shot very well. Followed by the drive that finally leads him to his fate.

This short film is the story of the adventure of a young man on the highways of Karnataka and what happens when he meets a young stranded woman in the night at highway.

The shoot locations seem very real and acting by everyone is good. Highlight of the film is when the director himself comes in front of the frame with a role that’s seemingly odd and the finesse with which he carries also tells us his prowess at acting.

But, keeping aside all the story, the screenplay, the suspense and the twist, the main highlight of this short film is its Back Ground Music. BGM, as it is dearly known in the circles, takes away your breath. Hats off to the makers for giving so much importance to it because without the mind-boggling BGM, it would have been very tough to convey the messages.

The dialogues are very simple and do not force you to try to understand the story by following them. It’s more like a smooth conversation. And when so much of effort has gone into place, it’s easy to ignore a few technical glitches like, at some places, the syncing of the subtitles needs some work. And that is because I cannot follow Kannada fully, but I guess, for the Kannada audience, this won’t matter.

Overall, I would say that it is a well-made movie. Do not miss the twist at the end, as that is where you decode the code. Do watch this movie and share it with your friends and circles. I would rate this movie as 4.5-star.

You can watch the film here.

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