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Review for Chess Without a Queen

Review of my novel by Ruchi Patel on Goodreads:

I loved the book. It contains different topic than routine romantic love stories. Plot revolves around politics. I like the book based on politics. Because to write such type of plot, the smallest details has to be perfect. And author really did the best job. Must read for the readers who likes such type of plots. Nice and simple language, easily understandable, plot has good twists and turns. I loved because its different read after a long time.

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Book Review: Chess Without a Queen

Book Name: Chess without a Queen

Author Name: Virag Dhulia

Format: Kindle

No of Pages: 306

Publisher: Notion Press (10/11/2017)

Blurb: I must say that the blurb portion of the book is clean, and compact. It is giving a clear idea of what the book may consist of, while concealing the thrill factor accordingly to arouse the curiosity of the reader. So, in my opinion, the blurb is aptly written.

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