Travelogue: Day 2 – Trip to Kanyakumari

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The stark difference between perception and reality comes from our understanding of “The Sunrise” and “The Sunset”. We normally believe it as the Sun rising and the Sun setting from common parlance. That’s perception, but we also know the reality that is, neither the Sun rises nor it sets. It’s us, The Earth that rotates on its axis which creates the optical illusion of the rising and the setting sun. But today, we wanted to witness the illusion and live by the perception. Given our sizes in comparison to the Earth and the Sun, we could have only lived with the illusion. But, there was a grave challenge.

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Travelogue: Day 1 – Trip to Kanyakumari

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The last minute glitch that adds a zing to your travel schedule is almost unavoidable. For us, it was the umbrella. Having planned about packing it, much in advance, we forgot to take the requisite number of umbrellas just at the last moment and then we decided to go without them.And we were on our way to the Bangalore railway station to catch the Nagercoil Express from Bangalore to Nagercoil, a small town about 15 Kms before Kanyakumari as we approach the Southern tip of India.

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Do we really know absolute rest?

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What exactly does one mean when one says, “I am at rest”? It means, being not mobile. But that is relative, isn’t it? We live on Earth, which constantly rotates on its axis and also revolves around the Sun as far as our current knowledge about Astronomy and Cosmic Sciences serves us right. Read More »Do we really know absolute rest?